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Rest, Reset, & Recover

Find connection and community in sauna

Fostering sisu. Cultivating community.

Discover the mental and physical benefits of sauna

Lasting relaxation and stress relief

Reduction in depressive symptoms

Boosted mood

Increased cardiorespiratory function

Boosted immune system response

Improved sleep

Lowered inflammation

Lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, alzheimers, and stroke

Lowered all-cause mortality

Enhance your connection to your community and to yourself

Thomas Hübl (renowned author and teacher) describes three basic spiritual rights: the right to be, to become, and to belong. The sauna is a uniquely capable holding space, where one can come and be who they are as they are, encounter a centered place within themselves to become who they intend to be, and find belonging as part of something larger than its tangible space.

Happy hour, remixed. 

Sober curious? Or perhaps looking to mix up social hour and discover a new form of entertainment for Friday and Saturday nights? Come experience the social atmosphere of community sauna and leave having made new friends, connected deeper with existing friends, and simply had a great time while also knowing you will continue to feel good the next day. 

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Developing our ethos

1 / We are authentic

We define authentic sauna as the experience of being in a sauna that has been thoughtfully constructed to include all the necessary elements of a good sauna. Our sauna is powered by a high quality, clean combustion, wood fired Finnish stove. The stove includes 450lbs of stone to facilitate a soft heat and powerful steam.  The interior is almost entirely cedar, creating an incredible aroma. Every detail was thoughtfully considered to create a visually captivating space that adheres to all of the necessary elements of high quality construction, ventilation, and steam. 

Beyond the sauna itself, we commit to always providing an authentic atmosphere. We are people serving people, and our presence will always be genuine. Our founder, Nicole, also holds a clinical doctorate in physical therapy, and with a background in trauma informed and family centered care, the experience, marketing, and any information you encounter will never be gimmicky or an attempt to over-sell. We provide high quality community sauna and its benefits are significant and vast, supported both by research and tradition. We feel no need to over-inflate. 

2 / We are community focused

We want to bring people together, entertain and excite. Facilitate a different way of being. Contribute in some way, large or small, to the hard work of healing. We carry with the business model an awareness of individual and collective trauma and the often frazzled approach to the American lifestyle. We want to create a space where people can be who they are as they are, align more fully to who they want to become, and belong in a community of the shared experience of sauna. 

3 / We are experience cultivators. 

Our authentic sauna will always adhere to the principles listed above  (quality build, heat, steam), but the experience of sauna takes many forms. We beg you to experience sauna with us more than once, because each encounter is unique. We look to curate a wide variety of experiences and are always open to exploring new pairings and partnerships. 

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