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A Nordic Night host will prepare and maintain the wood burning stove.
You get to sit back and relax.

Sauna Calendar

Introducing our latest offerings

Women's Sauna & Sobriety - Intentional gathering space for sober or sober curious women.




Iceberg Sessions In a world where many men have learned to keep their feelings below the surface, the Iceberg Sessions invite you to melt the ice and embrace vulnerability. These peer-to-peer gatherings create a safe space for you to practice sharing your emotions, connect with others, and learn new ways to navigate life's joys and challenges.

Use the button below to see our real-time availability calendar and make your reservation.


Pay it Forward Sauna

Curious about sauna but feeling hesitant?
We would love to host you and welcome you into the experience.


How does it work?

Some generous folks who were once in your shoes have paid it forward and would like to cover the cost of your first session at Nordic Night Sauna.

Send us an email at and let us know your interest in trying out sauna using the Pay it Forward fund.


How can you Pay it Forward?

Purchase a gift card in the amount of $22.30 and email us the code at noting that this is a Pay it Forward sauna session.

Special Events & Expanded Offerings

Iceberg Men's Sauna Sessions

Women's Sauna & Sobriety

Silent Sauna - Community Sessions

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