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Sauna as a capable holding space

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Our vision is to improve and expand people's lives by facilitating connection to one's self and to one's community through uniquely capable holding spaces.

What does it mean to be a capable holding space?

A holding space is both tangible and intangible. We hold space for ourselves by reflecting on our wants/needs/actions and by having self-awareness. We hold space for others by allowing them to feel or be however they are, withholding judgement and expectations. A holding space can be thought of as the container in which something can grow... in which unobtrusively defined boundaries allow for expansion but also for letting be.

At its core, Nordic Night's most capable holding space is the community sauna. Sauna is an evidenced based health practice that has been shown to improve both the physical and mental health of regular users. Large, observational studies in humans have identified strong links between sauna use and lower risk for age-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline, and have been shown to contribute to an extended lifespan (how long one lives) and healthspan (the overall period of one's life where they are considered to be in good health).

Sauna is an opportunity to take a practice that is truly good for you, and place it in this expanded holding space of community synergy. We are here to enhance connection. To build a space where people are able to come just be who they are as they are, find centering and reflection to become who they want to be, and belong as part of a welcoming and energizing community.

The Nordic Night Mission is about public health. Sauna is good for you - it's good for your body and good for your mind, and it's also a GOOD time. Having access to a safe, clean, welcoming authentic sauna in our community has the potential to make a real, tangible, positive impact on the community.

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