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The magic of sauna

What happens in community sauna is more than just physiological. It's more than just sweating, more than an endorphin release, more than a lowering of BP and an increase in heat shock proteins (a protection against disease). The sauna opens you up, not more than you'll let it, yet significantly so if you do. On an individual level, given the right time and space, it can open you up and allow things to move through you. This can sometimes be pretty profound, and at times takes people by surprise. I love leaning into this potential of sauna. On a collective level there is this gentle opening that happens when you gather a group of people together in the sauna, around no specific event or intention. It's as if each individual becomes just a little more grounded, and each person allows just a little more space for themselves and for those around them. This creates a type of synergy and elevates the entire experience to a greater extent than what can be explained by just the relaxation of the group or the good time that the group is having. To me, this is where the magic happens- where connection is found and where community is made. Come experience the magic.

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